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Achieving more together


Buschhof Kattendorf
Buschweg 14
24568 Kattendorf

+49 (0)4191 / 956038

Booking & TeamEvents

Buschhof Office

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Management & Organisation

Heike Claussen

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Dirk Müller

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You can reach us in:

  • 35 min. from Hamburg Airport
  • 50 min. from the Central Station Hamburger Hauptbahnhof
  • 25 min. from Neumünster
  • 45 min. from Kiel
  • 12 min. from A7 exit Kaltenkirchen or Henstedt-Ulzburg
  • 5 min. from nearest railway station in Kaltenkirchen

Our seminar house is located 30 kilometres north of Hamburg, in Kattendorf's district Weeden.

Coming from Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein

  • Exit A7 at Kaltenkirchen
  • turn left at the traffic lights in direction of Kaltenkirchen
  • go straight ahead at the two following traffic lights
  • then turn left at the third one in direction of Hasenmoor / Sievershütten
  • carry on straight ahead and pass through Kaltenkirchen and Oersdorf
  • pass through Kattendorf
  • ca. 200 m behind the village exit turn right into the "Buschweg" street
  • at least drive straight ahead to the end of the road. Even if you might think there aren't any more houses ahead, you're going to arrive!

Drive from Hamburg Airport through the villages

  • Enter the Airport highway in direction of Norderstedt, Langenhorn, Bad Segeberg to reach highway "B432"
  • exit "B432" and carry on at "Schleswig-Holstein Str." in direction of Henstedt-Ulzburg, Kaltenkirchen
  • turn right after ca. 12 km to get on "Norderstedter Str." in direction of Henstedt Rhen
  • go straight ahead, at the end of the road turn right in direction of Henstedt-Ulzburg
  • after ca. 8 km leave the traffic circle at it's first exit to street "Dorfstraße", stay on this main road which becomes "Kisdorfer Straße"
  • enter Kisdorf and turn right into "Sengel" street at the Mercedes (Wessel) crossing, after ca. 1 km turn left into "Karklohweg" street, take the next possibility right (ca. 100 m ahead) to enter "Winsener Str." to Winsen
  • go straight ahead, in Winsen you have to exit the road to the right in the first curve to enter "Hauptstraße"
  • pass trough Winsen to reach Kattendorf, in Kattendorf turn right where the street ends and carry on at "Sievershüttener Str."
  • after ca. 2 km the "Buschweg" street appears on the right, ca. 500 m behind the village exit of Kattendorf
  • Our seminar house is located at the very end of the "Buschweg" street

Coming from the northeast

  • From Lübeck you pass trough Bad Segeberg first
  • then take the highway "B432" in direction of Hamburg
  • turn right to Oering / Kaltenkirchen
  • pass trough Oering and Sievershütten, pass by Hüttblek
  • by passing a green place-name sign you arrive in "Kattendorf Weeden", then turn left into "Buschweg" street and follow the road til the end

Coming from the southeast

If you come from eastern Hamburg, it may be useful to drive through the villages.

  • Pass through Norderstedt, Wilstedt, Wakendorf II, then turn left there to Kisdorf Wohld
  • pass through Kisdorf Wohld and follow the road for ca. 4 km, turn left where the street ends in direction of Hüttblek
  • stay at the main road where you pass by a little hotel called „Zur Erholung“
  • go straight ahead, then you reach Kattendorf Weeden by passing a green place-name sign. The "Buschweg" street which you have to follow til the end will appear on the left!